All the ATS mods on this page are all my own work, some of them taking many hours of my time. Mods that I make, I only publicly publish on as they count the amount of downloads a mod gets and it's good to keep an eye on what mods get downloaded and what mods get downloaded the most. It could help me decide what mod I might want to make next. It's no good making mods that players do not want, plus I want to keep my ATS gaming as near to SCS as possible.

My account on ATSAddons is under the author name of guy-s. My World of Trucks profile is "_Jimbo_"

Any mods I make for ETS2 are of my own work & are free to download. The skins I have done for trucks & trailers, were first designed using "". Then the designs were made into skins using "ATS Studio".


I always release my finished ATS mods via ATSAddOns only & MediaFire because ATSAddOns count the number of downloads & it can let me know what players like & don't like. I do not release mods on any other mod sites. If they appear on other sites, they are not put there by me. If other mod sites want to put my mods on them, please use my original link if possible but it's not essential, & all credit for the work must go to me. If you use your own links on your sites, could you just let me know every now & then what the download count is. Download counts can help me decide what to make next. If I have any collaborated mods, the proper credits will be given to the proper people in my original write up for it, thank you.


When I release my mods, they work properly & as intended in My game at the time of release. As it is so easy for people to make, download & install mods by anyone & everyone & their uncles & aunties, & with the possibility of mod internal file names clashing, I hold no responsibility for anyone's game crashing or being unplayable.


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